About me

Hi there, I am Xiao, some might know me as Sean, or you can also call me Nabe.

I am an undergraduate who majors in Game Design & Development. And I would call myself a developer/programmer with a brain of designer. Oh, forgot to mention, I am, obviously, a game player as well.

As game design/dev.

People say making games is not a job for an individual but for a team. Indeed, most of the games are made by a bunch of skilled people that know a lot in their own field. But for myself, I want to be someone like TobyFox (developer/designer of Undertale) or Zun (developer/designer of Touhou Project series). I want to learn everything that I can use to make a game. But sadly, art is always something that I can’t handle at all.

As I mentioned above, I design games on my own, I develop it (with some art help from my friends), and I even make some simple sound effects and background music for my game. But I can also work flexibly in teams. In fact, I have accomplished several group projects that I am pretty proud of, for example, Escape Area 51.

What I play

As a game player, I play games that very different from each other. Recently, I am playing Apex Legend which is a battle royale style FPS. But the DnD-like story from Divinity: Original Sin 2 attracts me as well. I am also an experienced pirate who sails through the sea with my friends, just for seeking the legendary treasure in Sea of Thieves. Besides, I am also an investigator that fights against heretics who believes in Azathoth ─ it’s fine that you don’t understand what I was talking about lastly, but I would like to recommend you to try Call of Cthulhu, a horror style tabletop role-playing game.

Why I play

I enjoy games not only because they are fun to play, but also they are exquisite. As a new form of art, the video game is a fusion of other art forms that humanity ever had. Therefore, by playing (good) games, I can enjoy the stories behind it and I can “watch” the game as a movie. I am always fond of stories, no matter realistic stories or fanciful stories, they can always draw my attention. I can still remember back to the time, the reason that I have chosen the major is that I want to narrate my fancy stories through games. Although I know that games do not always tell stories now, I still hope I can make a good narrative game one day.


Besides all of that, I have wide interests in almost everything, especially in music and computer sciences. This site you are visiting is hosted on a VPS in Japan and powered by WordPress. I also own a Raspberry PI and I am trying to make some real use of it. So far, I have deployed a cloud drive, a Minecraft server on it.

Music can be described as one of the most important parts of my life. Singing alone is something that I will always do. I usually listen (and sing) Japanese Pop songs, and also Vocaloid songs. From time to time, I have some idea of making a piece of melodies, although I haven’t learnt about music systematically.