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No way back


No way back is the first academic project that I have done. This is programmed with JavaScript based on Phaser library.

No way back is a 2D platformer, the main gameplay of this game is to help the king get through the dark forest and avoid any of the danger. It’s a relevant short game and takes only 2 or 3 minutes to complete.

As the first video game that I have ever done, I am quite satisfied with the outcome, especially I also got a 9.2 out of 10 for the course.


Since it’s the first time, I have zero experience while creating this game. The main difficulty of the development is the “randomly generated monster”.

My solution to this is to create an array for the total amount of monsters. They will be spawned on a high position on the y-axis, so they will fall on the platforms under them instead of being spawned out of the screen.

Every monster will go left once it was spawned, but it won’t trace the player’s location in real-time. And the monsters will be re-spawned when they fall out of the platform, the place of the re-spawn area is always in front of the player so it won’t happen something that decreased the difficulty for no reason.


Although it is just a single level of few minutes, I try to create some narrative for the game.

At the beginning of the game, there’s a sentence before the tutorial:

You started to flee because of the revolution by your people…

And there’s another one after you complete the game:

You escaped for the moment, but what will happen to you next?

The narrative in this game is less, but I still try to create a micro world for the game, to tell a story that “the king (player) has to flee because people are angry and try to overthrow his rule”.

Even with a simple story, it tells a lot. It provides a goal for the player to make the king to the right. Otherwise, the player has no reason to do so.


You can download the source code on Mega Drive.

But because of the safety policies, you may not run the game with Chrome or Firefox directly.

You can use an extension called Live Server (extension id: ritwickdey.liveserver) on Visual Studio Code to run the game.


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